stig gamborg hansen
International student coordinator

I will be your contact when you are admitted to the school and help you with your residence permit for studying in Denmark, which may include becoming a member of the Danish healthcare system, completing school documentation, etc. You are always welcome to contact me via phone: +45 86 22 01 26 or e-mail:


You can apply for a scholarship that will lower the weekly payment. In this connection we need information about your or your parents' income and expenses. Every application will be assessed individually.
In some cases It will be possible for individual students with difficult financial conditions to pay only the registration fee in autumn terms. If you wish to apply, please contact Stig for more information.


If you are a non-EU citizen, you can still use the application HERE, and you can also apply for scholarships. Your payment and admission procedure will be different, however, when applying for an entry visa to Denmark. Contact Stig via email for more information.