At EUH you can choose between a large number of subjects that all have one thing in common: there are no qualifications as long as you are open, curious, and want to try something new. (With the exception of music, for which you need to be familiar with at least one instrument). You will find that we offer subjects that differ from what your previous school offered. This is your chance to choose subjects that you have always wanted to. Regardless of whether you like music, being creative, or sports, we definitely have something for you. And remember: You do not need to have held a camera in your hand to choose photography and you do not need to have been on stage to choose drama.


This subject is made specially for international students, and is mandatory. You will learn about Denmark, our culture and language. This will mainly be a discussion class. The more you are willing to invest in learning, the more you will learn! You also get a say in the topics being taught in class. Do you want to know more about our democracy, welfare system, or Danish grammar? Make your say! An essential part of the Danish high school tradition is the students' influence on the lessons.
We also provide CDs with lessons in Danish, which you can use for self-tuition in your spare time.


Once a week, all students take a class called 'Citizenship'. During these classes, you will delve into topics that will help you become capable, active, and conscious citizens. This can either be a discussion class, lecture, or activity, depending on the week's topic. You will obtain more knowledge about society, economy, sustainability, the environment, and other interesting topics. In the past we have had classes about the fashion industry, Danish politicians have visited, and you may even be asked to present about your home country.


Choosing film allows you to become familiar with all aspects the subject. You will be making your own films together with other students, handling the entire process yourselves: from idea to finished film, you film and edit on your own using our computer lab. Or you can choose a film discussion class in which you will be watching and analyzing films together with other students. Film classes in the past have been art film, documentary film, making music videos, or discussion classes about Tarantino's films for example. 


Whether you are already expressing yourself through images or you have never held a real camera before, here is your opportunity learn how to take a good photograph, but also give it meaning. In order to make pictures you have to get out into the world and learn the language of photography. We offer digital photography courses as well as an analog course. The digital photography courses explore many genres within photography such as art, landscape, staged, portrait (there is a small studio available to use), and photojournalism, which in the past has also been a separate class. There is a computer lab where students will learn how to edit their photos in Adobe Lightroom. Classes are a mix of practical and theory based work but we will focus mainly on practical hands-on work. 



Design is for everyone – as long as you want to challenge yourself. Design really allows you to use your creative skills, whether you already have them or are just beginning. Design is much more than sitting in front of the sewing machine. You will get to work with the entire process from designing your piece of clothing to making it. And the finished products are yours to keep. Here you can make your own clothing or whatever you wish to make using textiles, or you may be a part of making costumes for the musical or theatre concert.


Do you love the spotlight, or would you like to become more comfortable standing in it? Allow your inner drama queen to unfold and become familiar with all genres in the world of theatre. Drama courses include theatre training and technique, writing and performing your own play, or putting together a school musical or theatre concert. We combine theatre with music, dancing, and you will be playing your part in a big show that we will perform together for the entire school and guests. 


Music may already be a lifestyle to you, or you might be new to it. Whether you are a singer or play an instrument, in class we try to explore various musical genres while playing ensemble. We develop in unison as well as individually no matter if you play the drums, guitar, or provide the backing or lead vocals. In music you may be writing your own songs by yourself or with others and record it in the school's studio, or learn to play covers of songs with your classmates as a band. You do not have to be able to read music, but we require that you have previously played an instrument.


Creativity, independence, and inspiration are all a part of making art here. We work with everything from acrylic paint to clay and you are in full control of the process from idea development to finished project – with some guidance from your teacher throughout the process. Throughout these courses, drawing or painting, you get the chance to work in-depth with your own chosen project, and you also have access to the facilities outside of class hours.


Are you up for challenging yourself and having your boundaries pushed both mentally and physically? Then try sports at EUH. We always have a good time, and you are guaranteed to encounter sports and games you have never tried before. We do everything from dancing, via weight lifting, to running in all kinds of weather. You will also be challenged in classic competitive sports such as football, tennis, and volleyball.