You will be living in our international house with room for 12 students. You can either live in a single room or together with another student. Please state your wish in the application form, and then we will try to accommodate you. Your house is fitted with three toilets and bathrooms/showers and you have a common living room where you can hang out in your free time. If there are less than 12 international students enrolled for a term, Danes might possibly move into the house as well.


Once a week, you will meet with your house teacher, whom is one you can always come to. At house meetings, which take place in English, you have the opportunity to talk about what occupies you at the moment, including, for instance:
    •    Social life in the house
    •    Coming to terms with Danish culture
    •    Homesickness and being away from home


As a student at EUH, you have classes on all weekdays which you are probably used to from school. Apart from that, everyday life at a high school is very different from traditional school's like primary and upper secondary schools. We eat breakfast together, which provides a homely and good beginning to the day. We have experienced that students who previously used to skip breakfast now have a lot more energy, which is needed in order to learn.


After breakfast at ten o'clock, a morning assembly is held where a teacher will open the day with a brief presentation after all students have been registered as attending.


As the clock reaches 10 minutes to one, a second assembly is held. You will be briefed by the teachers or the principal. We will also be singing at this assembly. Singing is a high school tradition that fosters unity and brings us closer to each other. Songs are chosen from the Danish folk high school songbook or our own collection of songs. If you wish us to sing a particular song, we will try to make that happen.

For this assembly, we invite you as a student to come forward with announcements for the other students, if, for instance, you want to go to the beach or arrange a football tournament in the afternoon.


At EUH, classes probably start at a later time than you are used to. We have done this because we have discovered that young people learn better at ten o'clock than eight o'clock. Therefore, your first class starts at ten.



You will be served three main meals and three intermediate meals a day, enough to fuel your concentration for the entire day. Because we have different chefs each with their specialties, you will come across a wide selection of tasteful, healthy and nutritious food. We value that the food looks appetizing and we hope to broaden your horizon – also in terms of taste – during your stay.
If you have allergies, are vegetarian, or if you have other special needs, we will make sure that there is always an alternative for you. Just inform us when applying. If you require a diet that is very distinct, an extra fee may be charged. Feel free to contact Winnie for further details.


We have confidence in each student and you will be given freedom with responsibility. We do, however, have some guideline that you must adhere to as a student. Failing to do so may cause expulsion. The first offense, this might be suspension for a week – away from the school – to give you a chance to think things over. You must cover all expenses for this week yourself, including accommodation, food and transport. So, follow the guidelines:


All your classes have mandatory attendance. If you are unable to attend you must notify staff as soon as you become aware and no later than 9:45 a.m. If you report sick, you must stay in your room the entire day and you cannot attend assemblies or meals during the day. So think twice before reporting sick. A housemate will bring you food. An on-duty teacher will check up on you throughout the day.
If we register that you have a lot of absences, we will call you in to discuss this. If you can keep your absence below 10%, you will be presented with an extended high school diploma at the end of the term. This is a personal letter of recommendation given to you along with the course diploma that all students get.


Smoking is allowed in designated areas outside but nowhere inside. You will of course keep the area clean and throw cigarette buds in the bin. Smoking should never occur near main entrances out of respect for others.


Alcohol of any kind is banned on school premises, including the rooms, during weekdays as well as the weekends. The only exception to this rule is when the school arranges bars or parties. For these events, students can buy the beverages being sold at the bar.


Cannabis and other euphoriants are prohibited at Egå Youth High School and we highly recommend that this prohibition be obeyed. Possession or use of euphoriants may cause expulsion from the school.


Let our international students tell you what they will miss the most about euh in the video below :-)



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